A robust and efficient framework for constrained optimization with complex, multi-physics simulation models

Project value: 30.000
Project duration: 01.10.2022 - 30.09.2024
Link to project: Project website
Responsible person: Leon Kos PhD.

The main goal of the research projects of the CELSA fund is to prepare and submit at least one joint application to the Horizon Europe framework program or any other European research and innovation program within three years from the start of the project, in which at least one of the CELSA universities participating in CELSA will be to the project, coordinator of the registered project. The project application to the European tender must be new in content (as a result of participation in the CELSA project) and not an addition to an existing one or repetition of the project application already submitted in previous years before the CELSA project.

Project Partners

  • Central Europe Leuven Strategic Alliance
  • University of Ljubljana