Fast evaluation of tooth bending strength of polymer gears

Project duration: 01.10.2021 - 30.09.2023
Responsible person: Damijan Zorko PhD.


Research in the project is focused on the root strength of polymer gears. When evaluating the root strength of a polymer gear, it is necessary to compare the calculated root stress with the allowable stress for the selected material. This is determined as a quality between the dynamic strength of the material and the factor of safety. A problem arises here, as there is little data on dynamic strengths for polymeric materials, especially in the range of a very high number of cycles (above 107).

The goal of the research project is the development of new methodologies for characterizing the dynamic strength of polymer materials, so that it will be useful for evaluating the root strength of polymer gears. The expected result of the project will be a new faster, simpler, cheaper and more energy efficient methodology for characterizing the dynamic strength of a polymeric material, which can be used to evaluate the root strength of a polymeric gear. This will enable rapid characterization of new, more modern polymer materials. The project will also result in a new, more effective model for predicting the failure of polymer gears due to tooth root fracture. With a better knowledge of material performance and a more effective failure prediction model, better material utilization will be possible. The expected results will thus have a significant contribution to environmental and economic sustainability. The results of the project can be used as additional recommendations of VDI 2736 or a later standard under the auspices of the ISO organization.

Project Partners

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering