Janez Povh PhD.

Workplace: Senior Research Associate
Phone: +386 1 4771 416
Office: 415


2022-2025 HPC European Consortium Leading Education Activities
2020-2022 Predicting collaboration between researchers by discovering patterns from the literature
2019-2022 Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE 6th Implementation Phase Project)
2017-2020 Fusion of biomedical data using non-negative matrix tri-factorization
2017-2019 High performance binary quadratic solver
2017-0202 Extension of first and second order algorithms for selected classes of optimization problems with the aim of solving computationally demanding industrial problems
2017-2019 Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE 5th Implementation Phase Project)
2015-2019 Mathematics for industry network (MI-NET)


2024 Certifying optimality of Bell inequality violations: noncommutative polynomial optimization through semidefinite programming and local optimization
2024 The clock is ticking : understanding the ‘mixed feelings’ about fusion energy in Europe
2023 Solving SDP relaxations of Max-Cut problem with large number of hypermetric inequalities by L-BFGS-B
2023 Izzivi aditivne proizvodnje magnezija = Challenges of additive manufacturing of magnesium
2023 On solving the stable set problem by graph partitioning and quantum annealers
2023 Advancing stable set problem solutions through quantum annealers
2023 Computational segmentation of childrenʼs melody
2023 Sufficient matrices : properties, generating and testing
2023 60 years of OR in Slovenia : development from a frst conference to a vibrant community
2023 Electricity consumption prediction using artificial intelligence
2023 Comparing optimum KMEDIAN and MSS clustering with ground truth clustering
2022 Methodology for mapping form design elements with user preferences using Kansei engineering and VDI
2022 Data-driven engineering design : a systematic review using scientometric approach
2022 Four algorithms to solve symmetric multi-type non-negative matrix tri-factorization problem
2022 Clustering as a dual problem to colouring
2022 BiqBin: a parallel branch-and-bound solver for binary quadratic problems with linear constraints
2022 Machine learning tools in the analyze of a bike sharing system
2022 Sparse noncommutative polynomial optimization
2022 Novel alignment method for optical 3D gear metrology of spur gears with a plain borehole
2022 A new alignment technique for optical 3D gear metrology
2021 On the embed and project algorithm for the graph bandwidth problem
2021 Failure modes and life prediction model for high-speed bearings in a through-flow universal motor
2021 Modeling public transport network system by using statistics, network theory and ant colony optimization
2021 A computational approach to the detection and prediction of (ir)regularity in children's folk songs
2021 Napovedovanje porabe električne energije z umetno inteligenco = Prediction of electricity consumtion with artifical inteligence
2021 Computational analysis of the musical diversity in 22 European countries
2021 BiqBin: moving boundaries for NP-hard problems by HPC
2021 A block coordinate descent-based projected gradient algorithm for orthogonal non-negative matrix factorization
2021 MADAM : a parallel exact solver for max-cut based on semidefinite programming and ADMM
2021 Electricity consumption prediction using artificial intelligence
2021 Bibliographic data clustering based on symmetric non-negative matrix tri-factorization
2021 On using hypermetric inequalities in a cutting-plane algorithm for max-cut
2021 Methodologies and applications for resilient global development from the aspect of SDI-SOR special issues of CJOR
2021 A New Composite Method of Modeling Bicycle Traffic using Convolutional Neural Networks and Genetic programming
2021 On sufficient properties of sufficient matrices
2021 Analiza javnega potniškega omrežja izposoje koles GONM
2020 Public transport analyzing using bee colony
2020 Multiple Hungarian method for k-assignment problem
2020 Feasible corrector-predictor interior-point algorithm for P* (k)-linear complementarity problems based on a new search direction
2020 AI based algorithms for the detection of (ir)regularity in musical structure
2020 The impact of the complexity of harmony on the acceptability of music
2020 Collective dynamics of phase-repulsive oscillatorssolves graph coloring problem
2019 Problematika javnega potniškega prometa v Mestni občini Novo mesto
2019 National Case Study of Slovenia
2019 A new approximation hierarchy for polynomial conic optimization
2019 Five heuristics for the k-matching problem
2019 Towards a data-integrated cell
2019 Accelerated alternating direction augmented Lagrangian method for semidefinite programs
2019 The impact of harmony on the perception of music
2019 New approach to modelling and its application in transportation in urban traffic
2019 Parallelization of BiqMac Solver
2018 Minimizer extraction in polynomial optimization is robust
2018 Annotated news corpora and a lexicon for sentiment analysis in Slovene
2018 Is science driven by principal investigators?
2018 Entropy and acceptability : information dynamics and music acceptance
2017 Center razvoja, raziskav in inovacij JV Slovenije
2017 Kolaborativni roboti trkajo na vrata podjetij
2017 Analysis of Slovenian research community through bibliographic networks
2017 Predicting the acceptability of music with entropy of harmony
2017 A parallel implementation of the boundary point method
2016 Sentiment classification of the Slovenian news texts
2016 Text detection in document images by machine learning algorithms
2016 Constrained trace-optimization of polynomials in freely noncommuting variables
2015 Web clipping and sentiment analysis of slovenian news articles
2015 Automatic invoice capture in small and medium-sized slovenian enterprises - project report
2015 On applying mathematical models of frequency assignment to Wi-Fi throughput optimization
2015 On an extension of Pólyaʼs Positivstellensatz
2015 Univerza v Novem mestu : pregled stanja ob 650-letnici Novega mesta
2015 Rational sums of hermitian squares of free noncommutative polynomials
2015 Segmentation and detection of text in document images
2014 From combinatorial optimization to real algebraic geometry and back
2014 Community structure and the evolution of interdisciplinarity in Slovenia's scientific collaboration network
2014 Case study : web clipping and sentiment analysis
2014 Automatic invoice capture in small and medium-sized Slovenian enterprises : final report
2013 On the set-semidefinite representation of nonconvex quadratic programs over arbitrary feasible sets
2013 Erratum to : on the set-semidefinite representation of nonconvex quadratic programs over arbitrary feasible sets
2013 Document categorization based on OCR technology : an overview
2013 Sentiment analysis in web text : an overview
2013 The tracial moment problem and trace-positive polynomials
2013 Algorithmic aspects of sums of Hermitian squares of noncommutative polynomials
2013 Interdisciplinarity of Slovenian research
2013 Network analysis of the competence centres in Slovenia
2013 Automatic invoice capture in small and medium-sized Slovenian enterprises : project overview
2013 New heuristics for the vertex coloring problem based on semidefinite programming
2013 Moment approximations for set-semidefinite polynomials
2013 Contribution of copositive formulations to the graph partitioning problem
2013 Interdisciplinarity of Slovenian research
2013 Optimizations of free polynomials
2013 A KNN based algorithm for text categorization
2013 Application of polynomial approximation hierarchy to quadratic assignment problem
2012 New Algorithms to Detect Free Positivity
2012 On time complexity of semidefinite programs arising in polynomial optimization
2012 Sum of hermitian squares decompositions of non-commutative polynomials
2012 Constrained polynomial optimization problems with noncommuting variables
2011 Semi-supervised document categorization framework for database curation
2011 On decompositions of real polynomials using mathematical programming methods
2011 NCSOStools: a computer algebra system for symbolic and numerical computation with noncommutative polynomials
2011 Trace optimization using semidefinite programming
2011 On semidefinite programming based heuristics for the graph coloring problem
2010 Semidefinite approximations for quadratic programs over orthogonal matrices
2010 Ugotavljanje pozitivnosti sledi s semidefinitnim programiranjem
2010 On the set-semidefinite representation of nonconvex quadratic programs with cone constraints
2010 Optimization and approximation of NC polynomials with sums of squares
2010 A note on the nonexistence of sum of squares certificates for the Bessis-Moussa-Villani conjecture
2010 Semidefinite programming and sums of hermitian squares of noncommutative polynomials
2009 Convex and positive noncommutative polynomials
2009 Contribution of copositive formulations to graph partitioning problem
2009 Copositive and semidefinite relaxations of the quadratic assignment problem
2009 Regularization methods for semidefinite programming
2008 Assignment problems in logistics
2008 On SOS and SOHS decompositions of real polynomials
2008 Razcepljanje polinomov z matematičnim programiranjem
2008 Approximating non-convex quadratic programs by semidefinite and copositive programming
2007 A copositive programming approach to graph partitioning
2007 Simpleksna metoda za linearno programiranje - 60 let zgodbe o uspehu
2007 Interier point methods: what has been done in last 20 years
2007 Eigenvalue and semidefinite approximations for graph partitioning problem
2007 Nova metoda za reševanje velikih semidefinitnih programov
2007 Kako z matematiko do najboljšega zaslužka?
2006 A boundary point method to solve semidefinite programs
2005 Recent approaches to the guadratic assignment problem
2004 Obnašanje aproksimacijskega algoritma za pasovno širino grafa na goseničnih grafih
2003 Semidefinite relaxation of the bandwidth problem
2003 Pasovnost grafa in semidefinitno programiranje
2002 Semidefinitno programiranje
2001 On similarities and differences between semidefinite and linear programming_
2001 On similarities and differences between semidefinite and linear programming
2000 Generatorji psevdonaključnih števil


2023 Parcialne diferencialne enačbe, kompleksna analiza in optimizacija
2022 Prosojnice za predmet Izbrana poglavja iz verjetnosti in statistike : magistrski študijski 2. stopnje Podatkovne tehnologije
2020 Izbrana poglavja iz operacijskih raziskav
2019 Prosojnice za predmet Izbrana poglavja iz optimizacije : magistrski študijski 2. stopnje Matematika/Finančna matematika
2018 Managing Big Data with R and Hadoop : slides for Massive Online Open Course
2018 Supervised learning : linear regression. Part 1
2018 Linear regression (2 variables). Part 2
2018 Big linear regression. Part 3
2016 Optimization of polynomials in non-commuting variables
2015 Applied modelling and computing in social science
2015 Napredne statistične metode : študijsko gradivo za predmet 2. stopnje Napredne statistične metode na programu Informatika v sodobni družbi - 2015/2016
2015 Matematika z aplikacijami 2 : študijsko gradivo za predmet Matematika z aplikacijami 2 na študijskem programu 1. stopnje Inženiring in vozila : štud. leto 2015/2016
2015 Matematika 2 : študijsko gradivo za predmet 1. stopnje Matematika 2 na štud. programu Informatika v sodobni družbi : štud. leto 2015/2016
2015 Matematika 1 : študijsko gradivo za predmet 1. stopnje Matematika 1 na štud. programu Informatika v sodobni družbi : štud. leto 2015/2016
2015 Statistika 2 : študijsko gradivo za predmet 1. stopnje Statistika 2 na štud. programu Informatika v sodobni družbi : štud. leto 2015/2016
2012 Metodologija družboslovnega raziskovanja : od zasnove do izvedbe
2011 Semidefinitno programiranje in njegova uporaba
2011 Realna algebraična geometrija s poudarkom na realni algebri in pozitivnih polinomih
2011 Zbirka rešenih nalog iz statistike
2010 Zbirka rešenih nalog iz matematike 1
2010 Zbirka rešenih nalog iz Matematike 2
2010 Matematične metode v uporabi
2009 Ohranjevalci na Banachovih algebrah
2009 Matematične metode : elektronski učbenik
2009 Towards the optimum by semidefinite and copositive programming : new approach to approximate hard optimization problems
2008 Osnove poslovne matematike
2007 Kvantitativne metode v logistiki - vaje
2004 Statistika : vaje z rešitvami
2003 Matematične metode : zbirka rešenih nalog
2003 Matematične metode in poslovni račun : vaje za interno uporabo
2001 Zbirka rešenih nalog iz operacijskih raziskav


2006 Application of semidefinite and copositive programming in combinatorial optimization : doctoral thesis
2002 Semidefinitno programiranje in kombinatorična optimizacija : magistrsko delo


2009 NCSOStools
2006 [Bandwidth : a matlab package to approximate the bandwidth of a graph]
2006 [BPM : a matlab package to solve semidefinite programs]