assist. prof. Tadej Kanduč PhD.

Workplace: researcher
Phone: +386 1 4771 719
Office: N-17


2023 IgA-BEM for 3D Helmholtz problems using conforming and non-conforming multi-patch discretizations and B-spline tailored numerical integration
2022 Isoparametric singularity extraction technique for 3D potential problems in BEM
2022 Weighted quadrature for hierarchical B-splines
2019 A study on spline quasi-interpolation based quadrature rules for the isogeometric Galerkin BEM
2019 An immersed-isogeometric model: application to linear elasticity and implementation with THBox-splines
2019 An adaptive IgA-BEM with hierarchical B-splines based on quasi-interpolation quadrature schemes
2017 Adaptive isogeometric analysis with hierarchical box splines
2017 Hermite parametric surface interpolation based on Argyris element
2016 Optimisation of machine layout using a force generated graph algorithm and simulated annealing
2015 Optimization of a furniture factory layout
2015 Manufacturing processes optimisation in a furniture factory
2015 Optimisation of factory floor layout using force-directed graph drawing algorithm
2015 Factory transport costs optimisation with a novel heuristic algorithm
2015 Optimisation of a complex manufacturing process using discrete event simulation and a novel heuristic algorithm
2015 Hermite and Lagrange interpolation in R[sup]d by G[sup]1 cubic splines with small strain energy
2014 Project of manufacturing processes optimisation in Podgorje Ltd.
2014 Automated simulation model building for a complex furniture manufacturing process
2014 Optimisation of factory floor layout in a complex manufacturing process
2014 On positivity of principal minors of bivariate Bézier collocation matrix
2013 Hermite interpolation by triangular cubic patches with small Willmore energy
2012 Z najmanj truda na Šmarno goro!
2012 Energy minimizing mountain ascent


2015 Social sciences via network analysis and computation
2013 Conference on geometry : theory and applications : book of abstracts : June 24-June 28, 2013, Ljubljana, Slovenia


2013 Approximation and interpolation splines on triangulations : doctoral thesis
Nasl. str. tudi v slov.: Aproksimacijski in interpolacijski zlepki nad triangulacijami