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2023 Minimisation of propeller-induced sediment resuspension with rip-rap system
2023 Sediment resuspension distribution modelling using a ship handling simulation along with the MIKE 3 application
2022 Education and training needs for effective environmental protection in port terminals
2022 On the material parameters identification of flexible mooring dolphin
2022 On the simplified mathematical models for oil spill simulations
2022 Sediment resuspension evaluation on two manoeuvres and two different pilots
2021 Testing the functionality and applicability of smart devices for a handheld celestial navigation system = Testiranje funkcionalnosti i primjenjivosti pametnih uređaja za ručni sustav astronomske navigacije
2021 Ships added mass effect on a flexible mooring dolphin in berthing manoeuvre
2021 Northern Adriatic oil spill training platform
2020 Analysis of generic IGBEM for lifting hydrofoils
2020 Multigrid methods for the simulations of surfactant spreading on a thin liquid film
2019 Structural impact of circular buckling fenders on tanker hull
2017 An eye on magnetic field anomalies along the roads
2017 Adriatic sea : accidents, backtracking issue and chemical discharge case studies
2017 Vehicle aerodynamic stability analysis under high crosswinds
2017 A numerical framework for wall dissolution modeling : analysis of flute formation
2017 Measuring the magnetic fingerprint of roads
2017 Matematical model for riverboat dynamics
2017 Experimental Estimation of material and support properties for flexible dolphin structures = Pokusna procjena svojstava materijala i nosača za fleksibilne privezne stupove
2016 Extraction of magnetic field anomalies from objects in a road infrastructure
2016 On the coupling of analytical and FEM solution in stress analysis around the polygonal hole shape in a finite two-dimensional domain
2016 Statična analiza upogiba pristajalnega odbojnika v Luki Koper = Bending analysis of breasting dolphin in Port of Koper
2015 Primerjava komercialnega in prosto dostopnega CFD programa za izračun aerodinamičnih koeficientov vozil = Comparison of comercial and open source CFD sofware for calculation of vehicle aerodynamic coefficients
2014 Advanced numerical methods in electroporation
2011 Numerical analysis of miniaturised cold gas thruster for micro- and nano-satellites
2009 M5 computations in space sciences and technologies


2023 A pan-European network for marine renewable energy with a focus on wave energy : book of abstracts
2022 CFD on HPC : OpenFOAM
2020 A pan-European network for marine renewable energy with a focus on wave energy : book of abstracts
2019 Wecanet, 28-29 november, 2019, Porto, Portugal : book of abstracts
2015 Vaje iz ladijskih elektronskih naprav
2014 Mehanika in hidromehanika : vaje - ladijski strojniki
2014 Tehnična mehanika - VSS : vaje
2014 Tehnična analiza prometnih nesreč : vaje


2007 Mathematical analysis of macroscopic models for slow dense granular flow

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2021 Ship added mass calculations