asist. dr. Timotej Hrga

Delovno mesto: RAZISKOVALEC VII/2 -0
Telefon: 01 4771 748
E-mail naslov:
Pisarna: 416


2024 Certifying optimality of Bell inequality violations: noncommutative polynomial optimization through semidefinite programming and local optimization
2023 Solving SDP relaxations of Max-Cut problem with large number of hypermetric inequalities by L-BFGS-B
2022 Four algorithms to solve symmetric multi-type non-negative matrix tri-factorization problem
2022 BiqBin: a parallel branch-and-bound solver for binary quadratic problems with linear constraints
2022 Novel alignment method for optical 3D gear metrology of spur gears with a plain borehole
2022 A new alignment technique for optical 3D gear metrology
2021 BiqBin: moving boundaries for NP-hard problems by HPC
2021 MADAM : a parallel exact solver for max-cut based on semidefinite programming and ADMM
2021 On using hypermetric inequalities in a cutting-plane algorithm for max-cut
2019 Accelerated alternating direction augmented Lagrangian method for semidefinite programs


2022 Application of semidefinite programming and high-performance computing in discrete optimization : doctoral thesis
Nasl. str. tudi v slov.: Uporaba semidefinitnega programiranja in visokozmogljivega računalništva v diskretni optimizaciji
2017 Metoda robnih elementov : magistrsko delo